Hi, I'm Meryl. Here I will be sharing Ayurvedic rituals, recipes, and tools, travel photos and guides to my favorite cities around the world, holistic nutrition and exercise tips, and all things zero waste. My goal is to teach you how to deeply nourish yourself, while also nourishing the planet. The microcosm (you), and the macrocosm (the universe). To me, nourishment involves taking care of three entities - your mind, body, and spirit. All three must be in balance in order for you to feel your best and thrive throughout this human experience. 

My Journey getting into the field of health and wellness, has been a long one. I started my career in the fashion industry over 10 years ago, which was not very conducive to living a healthy lifestyle, but fashion is fun and exciting, especially in your early twenties. I attended FIDM in downtown Los Angeles, which was a career driven program for various majors in the industry. I studied Merchandise Marketing, and enjoyed all of my classes because unlike traditional schools, our homework was project based and relevant. We were learning things that made sense, that could be applied to the workplace (a.k.a. no algebra). My first job out of school was in the buying office of Ron Herman at Fred Segal on Melrose. I worked directly under the men and women's buyers, and my job included entering purchase orders into the system, handling issues with shipments and returns, and planning the buying trips to Paris, Milan, New York, and London. I worked in a small office that had no windows, with two other people. I had to be there at 10 AM, and couldn't leave until 7 PM. I knew exactly how much money I would make every week. Even though this was my first real job, I knew quickly that working 8 hours in an office, with a set salary, was not going to work for me. 

One day I decided I deserved to go on the buying trip I was planning to Paris. I quit my job, found a study abroad program, and started living my best life eating croissants and drinking cabernet sauvignon. Paris quickly became my favorite place in the world, I felt like I was living in a dream. Eventually reality set in and I returned to LA, where I started working for a well known celebrity stylist. This job sounds really fun, but it basically involved a lot of physical labor, long nights, early mornings, stress, and chaos for something that doesn't even really matter. We would dress the most beautiful women and men for events, red carpets, photo shoots, etc. But they would still be criticized for the size of their hips, or revered for the thinness of their legs. As a young twenty something with body image issues, this was probably the worst environment you could put yourself in. I remember noticing that nobody ate properly, and was always trying a weird diet that usually didn't involve eating food. They smoked cigarettes, and would feed off of drama, no sleep, stress, and negativity. One day I was dressing a male actor in his forties for a Marvel premier. His pants weren't quite fitting so I offered to bring over the next size up. He refused, and assured me that his pants would fit in time for the premier (two weeks away) because he was on a special diet of just 7 raw almonds a day. I was young and impressionable, but I had a good enough head on my shoulders to know that what he was doing wasn't healthy. This was the catalyst for my journey into the wellness world. 

I left fashion and never looked back. I didn't know how to get myself involved in a brand new industry that I knew nothing about, but I figured the internet was a good place to start. I googled 'holistic nutritionists' in Los Angeles, and emailed every nutritionist that had a legit, and non-hokey website. I told them my story of leaving the fashion industry, and my desire to learn nutrition and health. I knew I wanted to help others, but I also really wanted to help myself. Much to my surprise, all the nutritionists I reached out to replied to my email. This doesn't ever happen in the fashion industry, so it was a confirmation from the universe that I was on the right path. Most of them congratulated me on changing careers, and supported the fact that I wanted to help, since help in this area was very needed in the world. One of those nutritionists offered me an internship position where I could sit in on her client sessions and learn from her, in exchange for writing the blog posts for her website. This seemed like a no brainer to me, and I was thrilled. One of the requirements of working in her office was that I had to enroll in school and work towards a certification in nutrition. So I signed up for the largest holistic nutrition school in the world - the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. 

Between what I was learning in my internship and school, I found out what it really meant to be healthy, and how to properly nourish myself. Something I didn't know how to do until my mid-twenties because unfortunately, this is not something we're taught in school. I learned that being healthy wasn't just about the food that you eat, but also the thoughts that you think, the  relationships that you have, your career, your spirituality, and all the things that nourish you beyond food. This was exciting to me. I stopped eating processed ingredients and only shopped at the farmers market and health food store for all of my food. I dropped a lot of weight, and started feeling happier. When I saw this transformation in myself, I knew I had to share this gift with the rest of the world. I didn't want anyone to feel uncomfortable in their own skin, and I now knew that feeling good was possible, and very attainable. 

I moved on to work for a large meal delivery service in LA, in which I found many flaws, so eventually I started my own. Kore Kitchen began out of my one bedroom apartment, and with a lot of hard work, luck, and proper alignment with the cosmos, turned into something greater than I could have imagined. Kore Kitchen was recognized as one of the top meal delivery services in Los Angeles, and we catered to some of the biggest celebrities in the entertainment industry. Because of Kore Kitchen, I now have a platform to inspire and share all of the knowledge I've acquired over the past few years. Many people have asked about my lifestyle and routines, which I've only shared bits and pieces of online. Here, I hope to cultivate a supportive space where you will learn how to nourish all of your elements with more than just food, and how to live a life that is also in harmony with nature.

Thank you for joining me on this journey!